Janice Teodoro-Forbes

Coach Janice Forbes

$16.00 per 15 minute lesson

  • ISI National Referee, Certified ISI Skating Director, Program Coordinator & Competition Director. USFS Gold Medalist in Dance. PSA Rated, ISI Gold Certified Judge and USFS Member. ISI Certified Arena Programmer, WeSkate Certified Instructor, ISI Executive Board Member and ISI 1st Vice President. Coach of Northwest Champions, US National Competitors and Junior Olympic Medalist. Over 30 years coaching experience including USFS Gold Medalists, ISI Freestyle 9.

Stephanie Burgess

Coach Stephanie Burgess

$17.00 per 15 minute lesson  

  •  USFS Gold Medalist in Freestyle and MITF. Silver Medalist in Figures & Pre-Silver Medalist in Dance. Pacific Northwest Figures Champion and sectional competitor. Solo performer in professional shows. Over 33 years of skating experience including 11 years of competitive training. PSA, USFS and ISI member. ISI Gold Judge Certification. “Reflections On Ice” show Choreographer 

Jessica Leatham

Coach Jessica Leatham

$13.00 per 15 minute lesson

  • USFA Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field, Freestyle and Dance. Northwest & Regional Champion, Pacific Coast Sectional Champion and US National Competitor. 9 Years principal performer with Disney on Ice. PSA, USFA & ISI Member.

Jordan Lee

Coach Jordan Lee

$13.00 per 15 minutes lesson

  • USFS Triple Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field, Freeskate and Dance. Sectional and regional competitor. 12 years of competitive experience. 8 Years of dance experience. USFS and ISI member. Bachelor's degree in Health & Fitness Promotion from Pacific Lutheran University.

Lisa Martin

Coach Lisa Martin

$17.00 per 15 minute lesson

  • USFS Gold Medalist in Freestyle. Pre-Silver Medalist in Dance. PSA, ISI and USFS Member. PSA written exam accredited. Southwestern competitor and Disney on Ice Performer. 10 years competitive experience and 26 years coaching experience. Coach of Northwest Competitors and Medalists. PSA Registered Rated; PSA Ranking - Level 2. ISI Gold Judge Certification.

Stacey Norris

Coach Stacey Norris

$17.00 per 15 minute lesson

  • USFS Gold Medalist in Freestyle. Regional, Sectional, and National Collegiate Competitor. Solo performer in professional shows.
    Over 34 years of skating experience, to include 11 years of competitive training. Associate Degree in Arts and Science. 24 years of teaching experience. PSA, ISI, USFS Member. ISI Gold Judge Certification. PSA written exam accredited. Coach of Northwest and Adult National Competitors.

Glenn Patterson

Coach Glenn Patterson

$19.00 per 15 minute lesson

  • USFS Gold Medalist in Dance and Free Dance. Three-time U.S. National Bronze Medalist. Four-time World Team alternate and Olympic Team alternate.
    Over 38 years of teaching experience.
    PSA Master rated in Dance/Free Dance. Registered Moves In The Field, Figures & Freestyle.

Sue Ellen Quick

Coach Sue Ellen Quick

$15.00 per 15 minute lesson

  • USFS Gold Medalist in MITF and Dance. Silver Medalist in Freestyle. Over 30 years of skating experience. UW Bachelor of Arts in Dance, Pacific NW Figure Champion & Sectional Competitor. Solo performer & choreographer for professional Ice Shows. Ice Aerialist, PSA, USFS & ISI Member. ISI Gold Certification.

Jennifer Rubin

Coach Jennifer Rubin

$13.00 per 15 minute lesson

  • USFS Gold Medalist MITF. Pre Gold Dance (Solo and Partnered), ISI Freestyle 8 and Professional Show Skater. 15 Years of competitive experience and toured as professional skater for 12 years. Regional and Junior Olympic Competitor. USFS, ISI Member & PSA Member.

Heidi Green Sullivan

Coach Heidi Sullivan

$18.00 per 15 minute lesson

  • USFS Gold Medalist in Figures and Freestyle. Three-time U.S. National Competitor. Northwest and Pacific Coast Medalist.
    Trained for 19 years with 24 years of teaching experience. Coach of Northwest Regional, Pacific Coast Sectional, Adult National and Junior National Competitors. PSA, ISI and USFS Member. Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Washington. PSA Senior Rated; PSA Ranking - Level 3. ISI Gold Judge Certification. "Reflections On Ice" Show Choreographer.

Sprinker Recreation Center Figure Skating Professional Staff - Rates subject to change