MAR 23 at Sprinker Ice Arena​

MAY 16 at Sprinker Ice Arena

JUL at Bremerton Ice Arena

AUG at Sprinker Ice Arena

NOV at Bremerton Ice Arena

Test dates subject to change.

Test Chair: Kayla Beers

email:  lwctestchair@gmail.com

Testing Procedures

  • All of Lakewood Winter Club's test sessions are processed through Entryeeze. If you would like to register for a test session go to www.Entryeeze.com. Click on "FIND A TEST SESSION" and enter the zip code and the appropriate radius. There you will find a list of tests that are offered. If the test session is at Sprinker, Lakewood Winter Club members will log in and register from there. Non-Members need to click on the blue box in the upper left hand corner and input the correct information. Please remember that your coach will have to approve your test registration. Be sure to talk with your coach before registering for a test session.
  • If you are a Non-Member, you will be charged an additional $25 fee. Members of other clubs will also have to provide a "Permission To Test" form from your home test chair. Individual USFS Members do not need to provide a permission to test form.
  • Registration closes at 11:59pm ten days before the test date. Late registrations will be accepted if there is space and the $25 late fee will apply.
  • All skaters testing will be charged a $5 hospitality fee during registration in lieu of bringing hospitality items.
  • Dress appropriately for the test - consult with your coach if you have any questions.
  • Test results are given to the coach, who will then discuss them with the skater and the skaters' parent(s). Test results are private.
  • Should there be a change in the test schedule, the coaches will be contacted. The coach will then in turn contact their skater(s).
  • Communicate with your coach regarding any changes or special circumstances.
  • Skaters must pass MITF test before attempting that level's FreeStyle test.
  • All times are approximate and subject to change, even the day of the test. If you have any concerns or questions, please communicate these with your coach.
  • Skaters should be at the arena 1 hour before their warm up.