NOV 3 at Sprinker Ice Arena​

Test dates subject to change.

Test Chair: Kayla Beers

email:  lwctestchair@gmail.com
If you are interested in testing please contact Kayla at the email listed above for more information.

Testing Procedures

  • All skaters must sign up two (2) weeks prior to the test, with their Coaches approval.  Be sure to have your USFS # on the form.
  • All test forms and fees must be paid to the LWC Test Chair ten (10) days prior to the test. No test will be scheduled without payment.
  • All skaters and skaters' parents must provide an item(s) for the judges hospitality table and skaters table.
  • Dress appropriately for the test - talk to your coach.
  • Test results are given to the coach, who will discuss them with the skater and the skaters' parent(s). Test results are private.
  • Should there be a change in the test schedule, the coaches will be contacted, who will in turn, contact their skater(s).
  • Communicate with the Test Chair and your coach regarding any changes or special circumstances. 
  • Skaters must pass MITF test before attempting FS test
  • All times are approximate.
  • Skaters should be at the arena 1 hour before their warm-up.